Sales & Media Marketplaces

A key component of Governor’s Global Tourism Summit are The Sales and Media Marketplaces which provide attendees with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with qualified tour operators, wholesale partners and travel journalists from around the world.  This year, both the Sales and Media Marketplaces will be on Wednesday, November 14th, at the same time, in the same room, allowing attendees to maximize their time.   One-on-one meetings will run 7 minutes each with 2 minutes in between to allow time for suppliers to move to a different table. No appointments are necessary.  TravelNevada’s international representative firms will also be available for meetings, allowing attendees to meet those who are representing Nevada around the world.

TravelNevada Closing Reception at Novi, immediately after the Marketplaces, will give attendees the opportunity to extend networking time with our international and domestic buyers and media.  A must-attend event!

Representatives from these countries will be at the conference:


  • Welcome Chinese
  • Bramer Tours USA
  • American Airlines Vacations
  • BindleStiff Tours
  • Klv Enterprises Inc
  • Tours Limited
  • America 4 You
  • American Tour Guide Association
  • Apple Leisure Group
  • Expedia Group
  • Free Spirit Vacations
  • Galaxy Tour Inc.
  • New World Travel
  • Webbeds


  • Pulse Communications
  • Nagel Tours
  • Toundra

Latin America

  • Global Marketing Sales
  • 55 Destinos
  • Universal Group - MCO Representaciones


  • Viajes Intermex


  • Adventure World Travel
  • Excite Holidays


  • East West Marketing
  • CITIC International Travel (Guangdong) Co., Ltd
  • Ctrip
  • Beijing Fancy Tours International Travel Service


  • Sartha Global Marketing
  • Sans Incredible Vacations
  • FCM Travel Solutions


  • Aviareps
  • Travel Lab Sas - Vacances Fabuleuses
  • Back Roads


  • Aviareps
  • Bikethebest / AllStar Travel


  • Le Beau Reizen (Netherlands)
  • DER Touristk Suisse AG (Switzerland)


  • HillsBalfour
  • The Travel Portfolio
  • Vegas Vacations and McArthur Travel